Williamson County
Marriage Project

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This project was begun in January 2000 and is the result of generous sharing of information by many, many people who are researching their families in Williamson County. Also, a number of volunteers put in a lot of time receiving the names and dates from submitters, and organizing that information for this project. Heroic efforts by Cathy Naborowski, Jean Wilson, Larry Scott, and Evelyn Hansson are especially appreciated.

Please remember that whatever information presented in this project was submitted by another individual just like you, and it may or may not be correct. You need to verify any information you find here, but we are hopeful that this information will point lots of people in the "right" directions.

Information found in this project may not be used for personal or financial gains. It is to be used for research only. Use of the material must be granted by the submitter of the information.

NOTE ABOUT SUBMITTING INFORMATION: If you would like to submit marriage information for this project, please email Angela Place, and make sure that you include:
  • Your own full name;
  • Your preferred email address;
  • The bride's full name;
  • The groom's full name; and
  • The date of the event.
If you would like to submit any marriage data you have for Williamson County, you may only submit information you have uncovered, whether by looking at a legal record, in a family Bible, listening to an older relative tell you that information, etc. It is ILLEGAL to submit information that you have found through someone else's copyrighted transcription.
Also, please protect the privacy of those still living--the project follows the same privacy rule used by the United States Censuses. Only marriages performed before 1930 may be listed here. Please do not send more than 10 marriages in each email, and make sure that all the marriages you send took place in Williamson County, Illinois. Thank you. We hope you find lots of good information in this project that will help you with your own research!


The list of marriages is organized alphabetically; some marriages are listed twice, under each spouse. Most of the marriages below are listed with the husband in the first column, followed by the wife, then the date of the marriage in Williamson County, and then either the submitter's email address OR a letter coded by contributor. The index of letter codes for contributors follows the list of marriages.

ARNOLD, John W. (Johnny)                    TURNER, Sarilda (Louetta)      18 Feb 1877 I
BAKER, James B.                             O'NEAL, Martha M.              30 May 1844 BQ
BAKER, Peyton Randolph                      THAXTON, Elizabeth Jane        20 Jan 1875 M
BARHAM, Joseph Louis                        ROCK, Kate Barbra              10 Apr 1890 I
BARHAM, William H.                          PHILLIPS, Harriet L.           03 Nov 1878 I
BARHAM, William Isaac                       TROUT, Sarah Ann Isadore       24 Dec 1881 I
BARHAM, William Thomas                      SANDERS, Sarah Elizabeth       11 Aug 1890 I
BARHAM, William Thomas                      SANDERS, Sarah Elizabeth       11 Aug 1890 I
BARNETT, Hiram                              THAXTON, Martilla              18 Jan 1844 M
BARNETT, James A.                           STUART, Margaret E.            13 Dec 1866 J
BARNETT, Verbal Wayne                       PHILLIPS, Sara Iva Myrtle      09 May 1923 BU
BASINGER, George                            REECE, Sarah Ann               16 Feb 1854 AI
BASINGER, George W. Rader                   REESE, Sarah Ann               16 Feb 1854 BI
BAYLAS, Clark Spencer                       SPIRES, Sarah Ann              20 Mar 1881 AG
BEARDEN, Thomas                             TURNER, Elizabeth                Abt. 1854 BU
BEASLEY, Hezekiah L.                        TRAVELSTREET, Rebecca          05 Mar 1868 J
BEASLEY, Martin                             PARKS, Gracy                   31 Mar 1859 J
BELL, John R.                               READ, Matilda Jane             24 Dec 1856 AK
BELL, Jonas Bradley                         PEMBERTON, Martha Jane         08 Dec 1861 AK
BENNETT, William Roscoe                     PURNELL, Minnie Pruella        27 Jul 1915 BL
BENTON, Charles Washington                  SIZEMORE, Vitula Rebecca       28 Apr 1887 P
BLANKENSHIP, Isham                          SPILLER, Polly Ann             10 Apr 1862 I
BOHANAN, John Preston                       RAMSEY, Elendor (Eleanor)      11 Oct 1848 BM
BOHANNAN, George Washington                 RAMSEY, Lucy E.               11 Feb 1847 BM
BRADLEY, Demascus Marcus                    SANDERS, Jane H.                      1848 AL
BRADLEY, John                               TRAMMEL, Cynthia               02 Oct 1839 AL
BRADLEY, William C.                         SELLER, Sarah                  17 Apr 1870 AL
BURNETT, Francis M.                         PARKS, Martha                  12 Oct 1873 N
BURNETT, Thomas Houston                     PARKS, Nancy Caroline          25 Dec 1841 J
BURNS, Charles Wesley                       PARKS, Minerva Jane            09 Aug 1883 N
BURNS, James M.                             SEAT, Mary E.                  30 Aug 1885 N
BURNS, Joseph Eugene               GREENEY, Virginia Bell Robertson 30 Oct 1881 N
CAGLE, William Allen                        RUSHING, Eliza Jane            18 Nov 1877 C
CALDWELL, Robert L.                         TUCKER), Wilmina               16 Sep 1880 BW
CAMDEN, Masad D.                            PARKS, Mary                    11 Mar 1856 J
CAMPBELL, Carter                            SIZEMORE, Elsonie                 Abt 1908 P
CARTER, Godfrey Gregory                     TANNER, Mary Ellen             06 Jul 1873 E
CARTER, Henry T.                            STEWART, Mary W.               09 Sep 1879 BE
CARTER, Robert Godfrey Gregory     SUTTON, Margaret Ann      24 Sep 1892 E
CARTER, Rufus H.                            TANNER, Effie Mae                     1897 E
CLARIDY, James                              PARKS, Nancy                   12 Nov 1857 J
CLARIDY, James                              PARKS, Nancy Ann               12 Nov 1857 M
CLINE, Jefferson                            PARKS, Rebecca                 28 Mar 1868 J
COLEMAN, James Edward                       SIZEMORE, Bertha A.            06 Mar 1901 AE
COLLINS, Joshua Glen                        STOVER, Mary Jane Frances      28 Jun 1866 I
COOK, Lewis Earl                            TANNER, Clara Bell             20 Dec 1918 I
CORDER, W.A.                                REYNOLDS, Harriot              27 Nov 1857 J
CORLEY, William E.                          STOUR, Mary                    19 Oct 1852 J
COX, Alexander                              SANDERS, Elizabeth             07 Feb 1856 AX
CRAIN, Elias Ford                           THAXTON, Harriet M.            04 Dec 1840 M
CRAVENS, William                            STOVER, Elizabeth              29 Jan 1857 I
CUMMINGS, Samuel                            PARKS, Parhalo                 19 Nov 1869 J
CUTRELL, Charles Wesley                     TAYLOR, Mary A.                30 Sep 1848 Q
CUTRELL, John G.                            ODUM, Martha                   02 Apr 1849 Q
DALTON, Isiah A.                            PARKS, Sarah L.                27 Oct 1857 J
DAVIS, Alfred B.                            SHAW, Lucinda                  28 Oct 1865 J
DAVIS, Andrew J.                            PULLY, Martha J.               29 Apr 1866 J
DAVIS, Andrew J.                            RIGGS, Charlotte               15 Jun 1854 J
DAVIS, Calvin                               RALLS, Aneline                 17 Jan 1854 J
DAVIS, David H.                             SWANN, Priscilla Jane          04 Apr 1878 A
DAVIS, Frank G.                             REYNOLDS, Mary F.              13 Dec 1866 I
DAVIS, James A.                             STOVER, Martha Josepine        18 Jul 1875 I
DAVIS, John H.                              DAVIS, Susan Catherine         21 Jul 1859 V
DAVIS, Monroe                               SCOTT, Alice                   01 Aug 1868 J
DAVIS, Robert                               OWENS, Mrs. M.J.               12 Oct 1865 J
DAVIS, Robert                               SWANN, Nancy Caroline          07 May 1885 A
DAVIS, Thomas                               PULLEY, Elizabeth Ann          22 Sep 1871 V
DAVIS, Thomas                               SHERERTZ, Elizabeth F.         23 Nov 1865 V
DAVIS, Thomas                               SHEVERTZ, Elizabeth F.         23 Nov 1863 J
DAVIS, William                              STARRET, Elizabeth             11 Oct 1856 J
DAVIS, William D.                           RAINES, Nancy                  17 Aug 1865 J
DEELY, John                                 TUCKER, Bridget                15 Aug 1858 BO
DILLINGHAM, George Washington      SHAW, Mariah J.             16 Oct 1867 BK
DILLINGHAM, William Pope, Jr.      SAFFORD, Rachel             06 Mar 1854 BK
DUNCAN, Thomas B.                           SOWELL, Elizabeth J.           24 Nov 1871 I
EDWARDS, G.E.                               POGUE, Belle                   31 Mar 1910 D
EDWARDS, George D.                          SWANNER, Elizabeth             23 Aug 1879 BV
EDWARDS, James A.                           PARKER, Emily C.                 Bef. 1885 BQ
EDWARDS, James Edgar                        SANDERS, Effie                    Abt 1905 I
EDWARDS, James P.                           RIGHT, Louisa F.                 Bef. 1885 BQ
EDWARDS, James P.                           SLATON, Mary                   18 Aug 1852 BQ
EDWARDS, John E.                            STOVES, Ann E.                   Bef. 1885 BQ
EDWARDS, John Edward                        STOVER, Anna Eliza             18 Dec 1873 I
EDWARDS, Joseph Monroe                      ROBERTS, Sally Maude           23 Dec 1906 P
EDWARDS, Joseph Moore                       ROBERTS, Sallie Maude          23 Dec 1906 I
EDWARDS, Richard                            RAINS, Martha                  05 Jun 1875 D
ENNIS, Raymond                              SIZEMORE, Lola Alma            08 Apr 1924 P
ERNEST, Cecil E.                            RODDEN, Blanche June           11 Apr 1927 U
ERWIN, William                              STEPHENS, Malinda E.           08 Mar 1868 J
EVETT, D.H.                                 SPILLER, Belle                 24 Oct 1867 J
FARMER, William                             PARKS, Betsy A.                13 Oct 1833 J
FELKINS, Noah                               RODDEN, Eva L.                        1920 U
FLY, James Jackson                          STARLING, Anna Ethel                  1920 U
FOWLER, John A.                             SWANN, Susan                   12 Nov 1885 A
FOWLER, John H.                             SWAN, Susan T.                 11 Nov 1885 V
FOWLER, John L.                             OWENS, Margaret M.             07 Nov 1875 A
FRYE, George Jacob                          SMITH, Nancy Anna              21 Feb 1904 AQ
FURLONG, Benjamin Franklin                  WHITE, Mary J.                 17 Dec 1842 AN
FURLONG, George Washington                  PARKS, Letha                   20 Aug 1848 AN
FURLONG, Milton                             SUTHSON, A.J.                  13 Jan 1867 J
GENT, David Alexander Selkirk      SPILLER, Susan Elizabeth    08 Dec 1858 I
GENT/GHENT, Charles Spencer                 SANDERS, Mary Jane            23 Feb 1840 BU
GIL, L.W.                                   SHORTS, E.J.                   09 Nov 1865 J
GLASSCOX, William                           TAYLOR, Milly M.               28 Apr 1881 AA
GODDARD, E. John                            PARKS, Nancy Jane              24 Jan 1847 M
GODDARD, John Douglas                       SPILLER, Emma Sevina           30 Jan 1879 I
GOE, Henry S.                               TUCKER, Alice C.               12 Jun 1878 BW
GOLEY/GOALIE/GOURLEY,James Robert  RALLS, Cora                  20 Jan 1910 BU
GOOD, Harry                                 ROBERTS, Florence Anna         14 Feb 1904 P
GOOD, Harry                                 ROBERTS, Florence Anna         14 Feb 1904 AE
GOOD, Harry                                 ROBERTSON, Florence Anna       14 Feb 1904/5 I
GOODALL, William Parke                      SPILLER, Nancy Ann             02 Jan 1832 I
GOWER, E. Larkin                            SANDERS, Sirena A.             25 Mar 1853 AR
GOWER, Jefferson Monroe                     SANDERS, Elizabeth J.          07 Oct 1867 AR
GOWER, William Washington                   SIMS, Lucinda Elizabeth        12 Dec 1850 AR
GRANT, Andrew J.                            O'NEAL, Jane                   11 Nov 1852 BQ
GRANT, James Leonard                        SANDERS, Judith Lee            25 Aug 1878 I
GREENE, William Franklin                    THAXTON, Nettie Pearl          12 Jul 1924 M
GULLEY, Riley                               SANDERS, Sarilda               06 Apr 1854 AR
HAGLER, Henry Jackson                       SHAVER, Elizabeth              23 Feb 1865 BP
HAMPTON, Jonathan                           TIPPY, Lavina                  30 Apr 1848 I
HARRIS, Lee                                 SIZEMORE, Florance Una Aymine         1890 P
HARTHOPF, Peter                    OETH, Johanna Elisabeth (Hannah) 06 Apr 1868 I
HARTWELL, John Lewis                        SLATER, Didama                 02 Sep 1849 I
HARTWELL, John Lewis                        SLATER, Didama                 02 Sep 1849 R
HARTWELL, John Lewis                        SLATER, Didama                 02 Sep 1849 AQ
HARTWELL, John Wesley                       OWENS, Susan Clementine        24 Jul 1877 R
HARTWELL, Riley Smith                       SLATER, Nancy Ellen            14 Jun 1866 AQ
HAYES, William H.                           TUCKER, Sarah                  21 Mar 1888 BO
HEFLIN, James                               ODUM, Ridley                   13 Jan 1867 I
HEIPLE, Henry H.                            TEAL, Nancy Clementine         04 Oct 1883 BE
HERRIN, Albert Jackson                      REED, Narcissa                 07 May 1846 I
HOLLAND, Garret P.                          SPILLER, Lyrenna Ann           03 Apr 1851 J
HOOPES, Amos C.                             TUCKER, Caroline (Mrs)         09 Jan 1877 BO
HORNBECK, William Nathan                    SIZEMORE, Mary Mollie H.       30 Oct 1909 P
HUDGENS, Claude Byron                       SIMPSON, Elsie                 27 Mar 1920 U
JENKINS, Thomas A.                          PETERSON(TUCKER), Ella         26 Sep 1883 BW
JOHNSTON, James Alexander                   BARHAM, Martha Ann             30 Sep 1875 AP
JONES, James Marshall                       SIMMONS, Margaret              26 Oct 1884 I
JONES, James Marshall                       SIMMONS, Margaret              26 Oct 1884 BF
JONES, John Palmer                          SIZEMORE, Ava May              07 Mar 1917 I
JONES, John Palmer                          SIZEMORE, Ava May              07 Mar 1917 P
JONES, John Palmer                          SIZEMORE, Ava May              07 Mar 1917 BF
JONES, John Palmer                          SIZEMORE, Ava May              07 May 1917 AE
JONES, Joseph                               PARKS, Elizabeth               19 Feb 1859 J
JONES, Levi Anderson                        ODUM, Hester                          1863 W
JONES, Wade                                 STOVER, Elsie                  05 Feb 1925 I
JOYNER, Rasmus                              PARKS, Edna (Edney)            20 Oct 1879 J
KEASTER, Cicero Jackson                     SCOBY, Susan                   03 Oct 1850 I
KEASTER, Cicero John(Jack)                  SCOBY, Susan                   03 Oct 1850 V
KEASTER, John Williams                      PARSONS, Viola                 15 Nov 1882 I
KEASTER, Powell L.                          RAY, Frances                   27 Feb 1867 I
KEASTER, Willeford (Wilford) Freeman        SPILLER, Emma        29 Dec 1898 I
KELLEY, Raleigh                             SPIRES, Anna Mae               09 Apr 1910 AQ
KELTON, Samuel W.                           TRAVELSTEAD, Mary Francis      03 Jan 1867 BG
KELTON, William                             PARKS, Harriet                 01 Dec 1857 J
KESLER, Jacob                               ROACH, Lucretia Obedience      28 Feb 1858 AQ
KING, George W.                             ROBERTS, Rebecca               18 Sep 1889 O
LEE, Francis Marion                         TIBBS, Eliza Jane              17 Dec 1868 I
LIPSEY, John W.                             SINGLETON, Celia               10 Mar 1855 I
LOCKLEAR, Samuel Minton                     RAINS, Frances L.              18 Dec 1889 BC
LOCKLEAR, Stephen G.                        SMOOTHE, Melissa Ann           15 Jan 1847 BC
LUSK, Edward C.                             TUCKER, Emma                   09 Oct 1881 BW
MALONE, Charles H.                          SIZEMORE, Mary Frances         14 Feb 1875 P
MAXEY, Loy Clifford                         BUSH, Alice Leona              09 Dec 1922 BF
MCINTURFF, Charles                          PRITCHETT, Edna Caroline       25 Aug 1915 U
MCREE, Jacob Henry                          SPILER, Mary Melissa           11 Aug 1880 I
MIFFLIN, James Stewart                      SWANN, Mary Ellen              02 Jun 1881 A
MOAKE, Andrew J.                            SANDERS, Mary J.               24 Oct 1861 I
MOAKE, Andrew Jackson                       SANDERS, Agnes P.                     1895 I
MOAKE, Isaac Thomas                         RALLS, Margaret E.             31 Jan 1877 I
MOAKE, Isaac Thomas                         SANDERS, Martha Mary           21 Feb 1856 I
MOAKE, John Anderson Annison       SMITH, Nancy A.              07 Oct 1880 I
MOFIELD, Theodore                           PARKS, Lucinda E.              05 Oct 1859 J
MOORE, Warren S.                            THAXTON, Louisa E.                    1841 M
MOREN, Harris Y.                            ODUM, Elizabeth Anne           15 May 1841 I
MOSELY, George B.                           TURNER, Martha A.              16 Sep 1857 J
MOSELY, Jordan W.                           PARKS, Elizabeth Emily         29 Oct 1850 M
MOSELY, L.D.                                PARKS, Mary Ann                10 Oct 1866 J
MOTSINGER, James L.                         TEAL, Nancy C.                 11 Jul 1869 J
MOTSINGER, James Riley                      TEAL, Nancy Clementine         11 Jul 1869 BE
MOTSINGER, Matthew A.                       SIMS, Mary E.                  01 Jan 1857 BE
MOTSINGER, Solomon Fisher                   SIMS, Elizabeth Jane           04 Dec 1853 BE
NAPIER, William Dewey                       SIZEMORE, Blanche Edith        19 Sep 1919 P
NEWMAN, Cyrus Perry                         HENRY, Victoria                29 Jun 1889 Q
NEWMAN, John P.                             SWANN, Christinia              01 Jun 1861 Q
NEWTON, John H.                             OLIVER, Mary Emily             11 Oct 1870 I
NEWTON, William Thomas                      BOYD, Mary E.                  10 Dec 1973 Y
NEWTON, William Thomas                      HERRIN, Rebecca                27 Jan 1886 Y
NOEL, John                                  SPIRES, Martha Susan Kesler    03 Oct 1900 AQ
NORMAN, Christopher Columbus       SOWELL, Harriett E.          13 Jul 1875 M
NORMAN, Edgar Marion                        RICH, Nellie Harrison          18 Sep 1909 M
NORMAN, Francis Marion                      SPILLER/MCCHANEY, Leanna       23 Oct 1868 M
NORMAN, Francis Marion                      SPILLER-MCHANEY, Leanna        23 Oct 1868 M
NORMAN, James Mitchell                      TANNER, Bertha Mae             02 Nov 1906 M
NORMAN, Marion Curtis                       PULLEY, Metta Frances          19 Apr 1903 M
NORMAN, Roscoe Conklin                      THAXTON, Nettie Pearl          13 Nov 1904 M
NORMAN, Willis C.                           TINKER/TUCKER, Sarah A.        20 Dec 1857 M
OADEM, William                              TAYLOR, Elizabeth              25 Feb 1844 BX
OAKES, Joel Kirby                           MANN, Sarah Ann E.             08 Feb 1846 BX
OAKES, Joel Kirby                           MANN, Sarah Ann Elizabeth      08 Feb 1846 B
ODUM, Eldon Pearson                         NORMAN, Lydia Candis           18 Oct 1913 M
ODUM, James Kincher                         WATSON, Sarah B.               30 May 1850 AQ
ODUM, James T.                              WATSON, Sarah                  30 May 1850 BX
ODUM, Martin                                FRANKLIN, Mildred (Millard)    01 Sep 1868 I
ODUM, Martin                                SPRINGHART, Mary               24 Nov 1887 I
ODUM, Mase                 FRY, Mary                      14 Nov 1845 BX
ODUM, Moses                FREY, Mary Jane                14 Nov 1849 I
ODUM, William C.           TAYLOR, Elizabeth Jane         15 Feb 1844 I
OETH, Georg                WEHR, Elizabeth                27 Oct 1877 I
OGILVIE, John Robert       TEMPLETON, Mary Wallace        01 Feb 1912 L
OGLESBY, George            PERRY, Sarah Jane              14 Jun 1848 BX
O'NEAL, James              PULLEY, Sarah (Baker)(Mrs)     13 Nov 1851 BQ
O'NEAL, James Mullen       CAPLINGER, Nancy Elizabeth     20 Jan 1817 BQ
O'NEAL, Roleigh            HENDRICKSON, Martha            06 Jun 1850 BQ
O'NEAL, Samuel C.          SIMS, Mary C.                  15 Sep 1863 BQ
O'NEAL, Samuel Caplinger   SIMS, Mary Caroline            15 Sep 1863/65 BQ
O'NEAL, William            PULLEY, Sarah C.               05 Nov 1857 BQ
O'NEAL, William            RISTON, Masina                 19 Jun 1856 BQ
ONLEY, William C.          STOVER, Mary                   19 Oct 1852 I
ORE, William               DAVIS, Martha                  29 Nov 1841 BX
OSHEA, James J.            TUCKER, Mary E.                01 May 1877 BO
OTEY, Files Mcrea          DAVIS, Marth Washington        23 Mar 1892 AQ
OTEY, Fred Donald          SMITH, Flo                     03 Oct 1917 AQ
OTEY, James Thomas         EDWARDS, Nancy Caroline        17 Nov 1867 AQ
OTEY, Roy Mcrea            SELLARS, Cora Floe             16 Jul 1917 AQ
OVERTON, Sutton            MARTIN, Permelia               13 Jun 1844 BX
OWEN, Beverly              SANDERS, Elizabeth             02 Jan 1845 BX
OWEN, George W.            KEASTER, Cynthia Jane          17 May 1849 I
OWEN, William              WEST, Martha C.                01 Jun 1837 BX
OWENS, Andrew J.           SWANN, Margaret M.             28 Aug 1873 A
OWENS, Beverley            SANDERS, Elizabeth             02 Jan 1845 BX
OWENS, Thomas F.           DAVIS, Sarah Catherine         05 May 1861 V
OWENS, Thomas J.           SLATER, Nancy V.               30 Sep 1891 AQ
PANKEY, John               HENDERSON, Ruth                28 Jun 1844 BX
PARKER, G. W.              HITTS, Charlotte               30 Sep 1841 BX
PARKER, P.M.               NORMAN, Mary J.                22 Jan 1872 M
PARKS, Americus L.         TURNER, Emily                  13 Oct 1866 J
PARKS, Calvin C.           PARKS, Eveline                 27 Sep 1854 J
PARKS, Carrol W.           FURLONG, Mary                  15 Nov 1843 BX
PARKS, Carroll Wesley      FURLONG, Mary A. Tabitha       15 Nov 1843 J
PARKS, Carroll Wesley      ROWDS, Mary Jane               22 Jun 1884 J
PARKS, Charles             DAVIS, Mary E.                 21 Dec 1854 J
PARKS, Felix M.            LIGON, Narceisus A.            21 Feb 1859 J
PARKS, Franklin Pierce     BRIDENSTEIN, Achsah            02 Dec 1903 J
PARKS, George              WILSON, Sarah L.               17 Jun 1869 J
PARKS, George M.           BEASLY, Ruth M.                30 Mar 1869 J
PARKS, George Marion       BEASLEY, Ruth                  30 Mar 1869 J
PARKS, Gilbert A.          COOLEY, Jossie                 21 Mar 1869 J
PARKS, Gilbert M.          CEORTHERAN, Mary E.            13 Dec 1869 J
PARKS, Hugh                CORLEY, Susan A.               20 Jul 1868 J
PARKS, Hugh                DAVIS, Eliza J.                03 Sep 1857 J
PARKS, Hugh                PARKS, Elizabeth               21 Dec 1865 J
PARKS, James               TANNER, Kasiah J.              18 Aug 1833 J
PARKS, James A.            McGOWAN, Martha                05 Mar 1844 BX
PARKS, James R.P.          DAVIS, Mary A.                 30 Dec 1869 J
PARKS, Jefferson G.        CALVERT, Nancy Clementine      18 Feb 1858 M
PARKS, Jefferson L.        CALVERT, Nancy C.              20 Feb 1858 J
PARKS, John                RUST, Mary Jane                15 Jul 1851 N
PARKS, John H.             RICHEY, Elvira J.              19 Dec 1867 J
PARKS, Monroe              STONEY, July A.                17 Feb 1858 J
PARKS, William M.          (UNKNOWN), Julia                  Abt 1909 N
PARMAN, F. M.              WHITLOCK, Martha               09 Jan 1845 BX
PARSONS, Clarence          WILEY, Helen Louise            24 Dec 1926 K
PARSONS, James Wilson      SIZEMORE, Anna Bell            23 Aug 1888 P
PARSONS, William           ROBERTS, Mary                  27 Apr 1842 BX
PATE, Francis P.           SPRINGS, Rebecca               29 Dec 1845 BX
PAVEY, W.H.                KNIGHT, Sarah Tennessee        27 Jun 1896 AQ
PENDLTON, Joseph           HANKS, Mary Ann E.             03 Jan 1846 BX
PENNY, Isaac W.            BANDY, Leticia                 10 Sep 1840 BX
PENNY, J. M.               STONE, Sarah                   22 Dec 1847 BX
PENTECOST, Joseph          OAKES, Elizabeth Ann           19 Mar 1868 B
PENTECOST, Robert Huston   FREY, Martha Naomi             25 Apr 1905 B
PERRINE, William Albert    CRUSE, Mary Anna               01 Aug 1880 P
PERRY, Hardy M.            SPILLER, Letha Ann             16 Sep 1843 BX
PERRY, Wiley B.            SPILLER, Dialpha Adaline       13 Jan 1846 BX
PERRY, William B.          REED, Sarah                    16 Nov 1843 BX
PETERS, Daniel Noffsinger  GOODALL, Charlotte             14 Sep 1842 I
PETUS, Daniel              GOODALL, Charity               14 Sep 1842 BX
PHARO, Peter               MOSBY, Mary A.                 04 May 1848 BX
PHELPS, John               CARTER, Aamanda Jane                  1873 E
PHILLIPS, Bernard          SELLARS, Evaline T. Huffman    11 Nov 1866 AQ
PHILLIPS, Eugene Blackman  BOREN, Anna Laurie (Nancy)     16 Aug 1888 T
PHILLIPS, Henson "Hence" GOLEY/GOALIE/GOURLEY, Mary Susan 25 May 1899 BU
PHILLIPS, William B.       BRADLEY, Matilda J.            10 Oct 1885 AL
PIKE, J. H.                POWELL, Mary A.                26 Feb 1846 BX
PIKE, James                CRAIN, Cintha Ann              31 Oct 1841 BX
PIKE, Seinn                BRIANT, Vienna                 12 Mar 1845 BX
PIKE, Thomas               STOVER, Celia                  14 Feb 1854 I
PIKE, Thomas J.            CHAPMAN, Laura Ettie           10 May 1885 I
PINKERTON, James Harvey    BARAN, Amanda                  09 Feb 1875 H
PINKERTON, Jordan Alexander MCCORMICK, Melissa            22 Oct 1875 H
PITTSFORD, John            LAMASTER, Sarah                19 Aug 1847 BX
POPE, Wiley                CAMPBELL, Emily                10 Sep 1844 BX
POPLIN, Green              WHITLEY, Jane                  11 Dec 1842 BX
POPLIN, Rowland            CRAIN, Margaret                14 Feb 1840 BX
PORTER, William L.         RICE, Sarah                    27 Oct 1840 BX
POWELL, Jesse              ROBERTSON, Sarah               11 Jun 1848 BX
POWELL, Melinda A.         WATSON, Thomas Jefferson       08 Jan 1852 AQ
POWERS, Augustus W.        HAND, Amanda J.                08 Sep 1853 BO
POWERS, Harry E.           TIERNEY, Lizzie                13 Feb 1893 BO
POWERS, J. William         SALZWADEL, Ida                 18 Dec 1898 BO
POWERS, James              HORKINS, Maria                 04 Jul 1869 BO
POWERS, John               JONES, Mary Ann Blake (Mrs)    08 Dec 1886 BO
POWERS, John               WELCH, Mary                    11 Nov 1854 BO
POWERS, Luke               FALON, Elen                    05 Apr 1856 BO
POWERS, Michael            ROURKE, Mary                   02 Jul 1888 BO
POWERS, Patrick            ROARK, Mary                    15 May 1872 BO
POWERS, Patrick H.         KING, Julia Ann                21 Sep 1881 BO
POWERS, Richard            GLEASON, Kate                  18 Aug 1895 BO
POWERS, Thomas             CLARK, Lizzie                  29 Feb 1892 BO
POWERS, William A.         DOBSON, Mary M.(Mrs)           20 Nov 1900 BO
PRICE, Kinchen             AIKMAN, Maria                  06 Apr 1847 BX
PRITCHETT, James M.        MERIDITH, Mary Ann             23 Mar 1843 BX
PRITCHETT, Levi            FOWLER, R.                     28 Jul 1848 BX
PRITCHETT, Richard         MCCORMICK, Nancy Rosannah      01 Jan 1871 I
PULLEY, Daniel R.          HARRIS, Sarah                  13 Mar 1844 BX
PULLEY, Frank              BURNS, Nellie Jane             07 Sep 1910 N
PULLEY, George             DAVIS, Rebecca Jane            22 Nov 1849 V
PULLEY, Sam                SCOBY, Nancy Ellen             09 Nov 1865 I
PULLY, James D.            GOODALL, Amanda                10 May 1847 BX
PULLY, William             BAKER, Sarah                   10 Feb 1842 BX
PURDUE, Clarence           CARTER, Della Maria                   1918 E
RAGINS, William            CANTRELL, Fredonia             06 Aug 1840 BX
RAINS, Henry C.            THOMPSON, Mrs. Mary J.         18 May 1889 D
RALLS, Jesse C.            LEE, Caroline Maria            09 Oct 1856 I
RALLS, Perry               FRANKLIN, Barbara E.           03 Mar 1861 AL
RAMSEY, William            MOAKE, Louisa (Lucy) Margaret  11 Sep 1881 I
RANCHINO, Angelo           VERNA, Esther                  14 Jan 1928 C
RAWLES, Allen Lee          GENT, Sally Rebecca            04 Feb 1845 BX
RAWLS, Alexander Lee       GENT, Sally Ann                20 Feb 1845 I
RAY, Hester Hiram          NEWMAN, Cora                   04 Apr 1914 Q
READ, Will                 SPILLER, Jane                  16 Feb 1868 J
REEDE, Grannison J.        SIZEMORE, Florida Frances Clementine  1895 P
REEDER, Freeman Richard    LANGFORD, Nola Belle           24 Dec 1920 AW
REEL, John M.              SOWELL, Alverda                06 Nov 1884 I
REESE, Abram               DUNCT, Elizabeth               02 Apr 1843 BX
REESE, Franklin Pierce     WHITE, Lavisa Jane             22 May 1873 AL
REESE, William             BRADLEY, Judith B.             17 Jan 1848 AL
REESE, William             FRANKLIN, Judith               17 Jan 1848 BX
REESE,Addison              BRADLEY, Mary Ann "Polly"      01 Jan 1941 E
REEVES, Dowell             BRADSHAW, Malvina              30 Jul 1847 BX
REW, T. W.                 BREWER, Candus                 09 Feb 1840 BX
REYNOLDS, John Henry       BARHAM, Almira Catherine       26 Mar 1859 I
REYNOLDS, William Allen    RUSHING, Martha Frances        19 Jan 1879 C
RICE, Addison              BRADLEY, Mary                  01 Jan 1841 BX
RICE, Jeremiah             HOLMAN, Melissa                16 Dec 1843 BX
RICE, Jeremiah             SANDERS, Susan                 04 Sep 1840 BX
RICH, Austin               YOUNGBLOOD, Betsy              10 May 1846 BX
RICH, Valentine            CARTER, Frances                07 Dec 1854 E
RICHEY, David              MOSELY, Nancy                  08 Jul 1847 BX
RIDDER, Nathan             DUCE, Mary Ann                 24 Mar 1845 BX
RIDDLE, Thomas             GILL, Vandalia                 11 Sep 1866 J
RIDDLE, Thomas             GILL, Vandeline                22 Aug 1863 J
RITCHEY, Obediah S.        FRANCES, Articia               27 Mar 1845 BX
ROACH, Austin              ROACH, Amanda                  06 Apr 1848 BX
ROACH, James               KNIGHT, Cyntha                 23 Jan 1844 BX
ROBERTS, Francis M.        CAMPBELL, Susan                21 Jan 1869 J
ROBERTS, John Burgess      WALKER, Nancy                  29 Mar 1866 O
ROBERTS, Logan Leander     MAYER, Martha Alice            23 Nov 1907 P
ROBERTS, Meritt Monroe     GROVES, Mary Ann               12 Jan 1885 BE
ROBERTS, Otto              FORCUM, Lillie                 15 Dec 1915 O
ROBERTS, Samuel            McGOWEN, Elizabeth Ann         25 Aug 1841 BX
ROBERTS, Stephen W.        STRIKE, Sarah Jane             05 Nov 1847 BX
ROBERTS, William Amos      SIZEMORE, Sarah Ann            15 Apr 1877 I
ROBERTS, William Amos      SIZEMORE, Sarah Ann            15 Apr 1877 P
ROBERTS, William Perry     BEAL, Augusta                  21 Feb 1903 O
ROBERTS, William R.        SHEPARD, Elizabeth A.          18 Aug 1841 BX
ROBERTS, William Turner    BARHAM, Mary F.                16 Mar 1879 I
ROBERTSON, G.              CRAIN, Nancy                   19 Feb 1845 BX
ROBERTSON, James           PATE, Mary                     06 Nov 1843 BX
ROBERTSON, James D.        HINDMAN, Purmisa               11 Dec 1844 BX
ROBERTSON, Jesse           PIKE, Sarah                    08 Jul 1842 BX
ROBERTSON, Willis          CORDER, Nancy J.               26 Mar 1868 J
ROBESON, Joseph A.         CAROLINE, Candy                26 May 1844 BX
ROBINSON, Albert           STOVER, Zona                   08 Jun 1924 I
ROBINSON/ROBERTSON, Allen A. BEARDEN, Dolly Jane          15 Dec 1881 BU
ROBINSON/ROBERTSON, Hosea Edward  HOLDER, Bessie Belle    04 Jul 1905 BU
RODDEN, William Pinckey    FLY, Elmira                    07 Jan 1869 U
RODGERS, Hiram             NORMAN, Nancy Jane             30 Dec 1875 M
RUDD, John                 McKINNEY, Anna                 05 Jun 1841 BX
RUPPE, George M.           PARKS, Sarah                   24 May 1843 BX
RUSE, Addison              MOAK, M.                       14 Sep 1848 BX
RUSHING, Amos              CARTER, Cordelia "Delia"       17 Feb 1909 C
RUSHING, Amos              THOMPSON, Ethel                18 Mar 1931 C
RUSHING, John Newton       CAGLE, Melvina                 03 Aug 1882 C
RUSSELL, Andrew Monroe     BARHAM, Erma Violet            18 Mar 1881 I
RUSSELL, Andrew Monroe     BARHAM, Erma Violet            18 Mar 1881 I
RUSSELL, Boswell           EATON, Mary                    14 Jul 1842 BX
RUSSELL, Elias             CAMPBELL, Ann                  21 Apr 1866 J
RUSSELL, J. H.             HENRY, Elizabeth               29 Aug 1850 Q
RUSSELL, Joseph Henry      CARTER, Vena Maggie            02 Aug 1905 E
RUSSELL, Samuel            SLACKS, Elizabeth              27 May 1848 BX
RUSSELL, Thomas            BEASLY, Amanda                 17 Nov 1856 J
RUSSELL, William C.        BURNES, Tabitha                21 Aug 1847 BX
RYBURN, John D.            LOWDEN, Elizabeth              20 Apr 1841 BX
RYBURN, Samuel             MANNING, Rachael               29 Apr 1840 BX
SANDERS, Andrew            COX, Nancy                     06 Nov 1845 BX
SANDERS, Andrew J.         DAVIDSON, Angeline             22 Jul 1856 AR
SANDERS, Andrew J.         SANDERS, Harriet               22 May 1849 AR
SANDERS, Ephriam James     SANDERS, Lucinda               31 Mar 1852 AR
SANDERS, Eprhiam James     SINKS, Mary                    28 Oct 1885 AR
SANDERS, George R.         GOWER, Ellen Josephine         02 Apr 1866 AR
SANDERS, Isaac Jasper      BRUMMET, Sarah E.              07 Mar 1876 I
SANDERS, Isaac Jasper      VAUGHN, Nancy J.               31 Jan 1867 I
SANDERS, Isaac T.          DUNCAN, Martha                 07 Nov 1846 BX
SANDERS, Jacob             BRUMMET, Liddia J.             07 Apr 1882 I
SANDERS, Jacob Leonard     BRUMMETT, Lucinda              17 Feb 1859 AR
SANDERS, Jacob Leonard     BRUMMIT, Lucinda               17 Feb 1858 I
SANDERS, Jesse             COLLINS, Cordelia              18 Aug 1874 I
SANDERS, John Henry D.     NORMAN, Annette Sybil          06 May 1869 M
SANDERS, Joseph            LEMASTER, Elizabeth            18 Oct 1846 BX
SANDERS, Lawson            SIMMONS, Matilda               24 Sep 1840 BX
SANDERS, Leander           HUNTER, Judith Ann             24 Nov 1850 I
SANDERS, Lytle Larkin      GOWER, Raphsody E.             15 Jan 1852 AR
SANDERS, Robert Allen      GOWER, Susan Elvira            02 Apr 1866 AR
SANDERS, Silas             LEWIS, Rosanna                 10 Sep 1847 BX
SANDERS, Simeon            SANDERS, Rhapsody Ann          27 Jan 1842 AR
SANDERS, William Carroll   SANDERS, Delaney E.            11 Jul 1842 AR
SAUNDERS, Simeon           SAUNDERS, Ropsey Ann           27 Jan 1842 BX
SAUNDERS, William C.       SAUNDERS, D. E.                11 Jul 1842 BX
SCARBOCK, Robert H.        BRADLEY, Nancy                 07 Dec 1847 AK
SCOBY, David               MOSELY, Melissa                10 Nov 1867 J
SCOBY, David Moore         MOSELEY, Adeline               10 Nov 1867 I
SCOBY, David Moore         PULLEY, Sarah                  04 Dec 1862 I
SCOBY, William             CAPLINGER, Mary Jane           28 Sep 1858 J
SCOBY, William H.          PARKS, Margaret                05 Feb 1849 I
SCOTT, Everett E.          SIZEMORE, Zella Mary           07 Nov 1925 P
SCURLOCK, Thomas           SHOUD, Elizabeth               29 Jul 1841 BX
SELLARS, George Douglas    PAVEY, Sarah T. Knight         18 Dec 1897 AQ
SELLARS, James             MCINTOSH, Mary A.              28 Nov 1866 J
SELLARS, Newman Riley      HUFFMAN, Evaline Tennessee     25 Sep 1853 AQ
SENTER, George Franklin    REYNOLDS, Nancy Elizabeth      07 Aug 1881 I
SHACKLEFORD, Harvey Underwood  CAMPBELL, Martha M.        02 Oct 1878 BR
SHAW, Leroy W.             TANNER, Hannah                 16 Oct 1841 BX
SHERETZ, James (Sam)       KEASTER, Mary Ellen            03 Sep 1879 I
SHOTO, Anthony             PERRY, Polly                   30 Mar 1846 BX
SIMMONS, James M.          WALLACE, Lydia                 05 Aug 1845 BX
SIMMONS, Luke              GENT, Martha                   10 Jun 1846 BX
SIMMONS, W. Scott          MAXEY, Amarldus Everett        29 Apr 1857 BF
SIMMONS, Zana              SANDERS, Cepacy E.             28 Dec 1846 BX
SIMMONS, Zara              SANDERS, Seprissa Elizabeth    24 Dec 1846 AR
SIMS, Edward (Edgar)       MOTSINGER, Ada                 11 Aug 1902 BE
SIMS, Frederick Obadiah    BURNS, Mary Ellen              Unknown     N
SIMS, Horace               GOWER, Camett                  04 Mar 1848 BX
SIMS, Horace               GOWER, Harriet                 02 Mar 1848 AR
SIMS, Matthew D.           BELL, Elizabeth                10 Oct 1861 Z
SIMS, Matthew D.           BELL, Elizabeth                10 Oct 1861 AK
SIMS, Matthew Willard      BELL, Elizabeth                10 Oct 1861 BE
SINKS, Arlie               MOAKE, Dell Viola (Olie)       20 Dec 1906 I
SINKS, Grover Cleveland    HUDGENS, Flora Alice           31 Aug 1909 W
SINKS, William Daniel      DORRIS, Mary Elizabeth         31 Mar 1881 I
SINKS, William Daniel      DORRIS, Mary Elizabeth         31 Mar 1881 I
SIZEMORE, Andrew John      HARRIS, Rebecca J.             11 May 1890 P
SIZEMORE, Augustus (Gus)   KEASTER, Nancy Elizabeth       24 Oct 1895 I
SIZEMORE, Augustus Henry   KEASTER, Nannie Elizabeth      24 Oct 1895 P
SIZEMORE, Jether Brooks    BRIDGES, Bonnie                08 Dec 1924 P
SIZEMORE, Lee Woodberry    MANNING, Jane                  23 Jan 1887 P
SIZEMORE, Lee Woodberry    PRICE, Sula                      1909-1910 P
SIZEMORE, Lenard Alonzo    WILLIAMS, Nella B.             21 Sep 1901 P
SIZEMORE, Marion Wilson    CAPLINGER, Mary Etta Corder    21 Aug 1901 P
SIZEMORE, Marion Wilson    TRANBARGER, Florence Anna      27 Oct 1878 P
SIZEMORE, William Benjamin MCEWEN, Zella                  03 Mar 1909 P
SIZEMORE, William Bouden   WILLIAMS, Winsey J.            18 Feb 1875 P
SIZEMORE, William Erwin    EDWARDS, Sarah Lavina          01 Jul 1886 P
SIZEMORE, William Erwin    EDWARDS, Sarah Lavina          01 Jul 1886 AE
SKELLY, Charles B.         BARHAM, Mary E.                24 Oct 1888 I
SKELTON, Swan H.           MOTSINGER, Barbara Elizabeth   12 Aug 1881 BE
SLACK, John                ALEXANDER, Sally Angeline      18 Jul 1844 AK
SLATER, John W.            CASY, Nancy Ann                23 Sep 1858 AQ
SLATER, Lee Roy            FRY, Nannie Opal               06 Nov 1926 AQ
SLATER, William Anthony    SUMMERS, Ada                   05 Dec 1897 AQ
SLATER, William Henry      BARKER, Mary Jane              30 Oct 1865 AQ
SLOAN, George W.           EVANS, Sally                   07 Apr 1842 BO
SLOAN, John                DOWNEY, Bridget                09 Jan 1857 BO
SLOAN, Michael             MCGOVERN, Catherine            19 Sep 1856 BO
SMILY, David               BARNETT, Margaret              24 Sep 1856 J
SMITH, Caleb Lafayette     WILLIAMS, Nancy Young          08 Apr 1876 AQ
SMITH, Francis Marion      KELLY, Mary Ann                14 Mar 1869 AF
SMITH, Francis Marion      LOLLER, Nancy Ray              27 Apr 1865 AF
SMITH, Green Thomas        SMITH, Sarah Elizabeth         13 Jan 1878 AQ
SMITH, John M.             SPILLER, Elizabeth             05 Sep 1841 BX
SMITH, John Monroe         FORD, Sarah Ann                03 Mar 1876 AQ
SMITH, Joseph W.           GASAWAY, Sarah                 12 May 1841 BX
SMITH, Philip Davis        CRAIN, Eliza Ann               12 Nov 1851 I
SMITH, Phillip Davis       CRAIN, Elza Ann                12 Nov 1851 AQ
SMITH, Thoams R.           WILLIAMS, Nancy                20 Nov 1856 AQ
SMITH, Thomas              YANCY, Matilda                 25 Aug 1842 BX
SMITH, William             MOONINGHAM, Jerseybell O.      28 Jan 1872 BN
SMITH, William             WILLIAMS, Mary A.              16 May 1893 BT
SMITH, William D.          SMITH, Matilda                 20 Sep 1841 BX
SNELL, John Araldon        OLLIS, Margaret Jane Delilah   11 Apr 1862 G
SNODDY, J.T.               ABSHER, Louisa                 04 Aug 1868 J
SNYDER, Solomon            RUSSELL, Mary                  20 Feb 1848 BX
SOUDAN, John S.            TAYLOR, Malvina                03 Jul 1845 BX
SOWELL, Thomas J.          OLIVER, Martha E.              27 Dec 1876 I
SPAIN, William F.          PARKS, Nancy A.                24 Dec 1874 J
SPARKS, Francis M.         AIKMAN, Frances Ann            17 Jul 1863 F
SPARKS, Francis M.         PEASE, Mary Jane               21 Dec 1882 F
SPARKS, Francis Marion     AIKMAN, Frances Ann            17 Feb 1861 AO
SPARKS, John G.            CASEY, Rebekah                 16 Jan 1834 F
SPILLER, Benjamin          TROUT, Elizabeth               18 Jan 1854 J
SPILLER, Benjamin P        LIPSEY, Nancy Caroline         04 Apr 1878 I
SPILLER, Clarence          RUSHING, Agnes                 01 Nov 1919 AQ
SPILLER, Columbus          NEWTON, Mary A.                07 Nov 1867 J
SPILLER, Elbert C.         HUNDLEY, Elizabeth             28 Oct 1841 BX
SPILLER, Elijah Nicholson  POWELL, Elizabeth              13 Dec 1829 I
SPILLER, John              LIPSEY, Julia                  15 Nov 1868 J
SPILLER, John              LIPSEY, Julia A.               15 Nov 1868 I
SPILLER, John B.           CRAIN, Clarissa                26 Sep 1843 I
SPILLER, John B.           POHLIN, Sarah                  05 May 1859 J
SPILLER, Lloyd             KENNEDY, Adaline               23 Mar 1924 AQ
SPILLER, Roy Martin        YATES, Stella                  05 Apr 1913 AQ
SPILLER, Theodore Sherman  KELLEY, Flora                  11 Aug 1889 AQ
SPILLER, William D.        WARDEN, Harriet                28 Dec 1851 J
SPILLER, William J.        GOODALL, Susan E.              30 Mar 1853 J
SPIRES, Arthur Frederick   GAMBIL, Ida                    01 Jun 1910 AG
SPIRES, James Alexander    KESLER, Martha S.              12 Feb 1864 AG
SPIRES, James Alexander    KESLER, Martha Susan           22 Sep 1892 AQ
SPIRES, William Washington FELTS, Bessie Dell             27 Sep 1906 AG
SPRING, Moses W.           GILL, Mary Jane                28 Nov 1847 BX
SPRING, Thomas N.          MOUNT, Elizabeth               15 Jul 1845 BX
SPRINGS, James             STILLEY, Rebecca               25 May 1842 BX
SPRINGS, Moses A.          WINTER, Sarah E.               06 May 1847 BX
SPURLOCK, Robert H.        BRADLEY, Mary                  09 Dec 1847 BX
STACKS, John               ALEXANDER, Sally Angeline      18 Jul 1844 BX
STAFFORD, Lance            FRLTS, Nancy                   15 Oct 1843 BX
STANG, Mark                MOTTEN, J.                     15 Aug 1850 BX
STANLEY, William           GARDENER, Harett               01 Jan 1845 BX
STARRET, Stephen           SUNOR, El
STEVENSON, William D.      EDWARDS, Elizabeth             29 Dec 1853 BQ
STOCKTON, Isaac D.         SPILLER, Louisa M.             24 Dec 1840 I
STORM, Wylie Franklin      HESTAND, Bess                  07 Jul 1907 AE
STOVER, Andrew Fuller      PERRY, Mary                    08 Oct 1876 I
STOVER, Arthur E.          CRAIN, Della Ann               01 Nov 1900 I
STOVER, Charles Cicero     BENEDICT, Dollie               24 Jan 1890 I
STOVER, Eli S.             LIPSEY, Melinda                25 Feb 1844 I
STOVER, George Lafayette   EVETT, Mary                    04 Apr 1880 I
STOVER, George Lafayette   MALEAR, Lizzy                  03 Jun 1891 I
STOVER, George William     LIPSEY, Mary E.                23 Oct 1867 I
STOVER, James Henry        SPILLER, Elizabeth E.          27 Oct 1872 I
STOVER, Joseph Farmer     GODDARD, Malinda Luticia Alvena 25 Dec 1846 I
STOVER, Joseph Washington  ONLEY, Sarah J.                11 Feb 1863 I
STOVER, Robert Marion      KEASTER, Celenda Jane          28 Mar 1872 I
STUMPF, Anna Mary          FRYE, George                   07 Sep 1879 AQ
SULLIVAN, Nicholas         GOWER, Mariah                  01 Mar 1866 AR
SUMMERS, John              GAMBILL, Mary                  25 Mar 1877 AQ
SUTTON, William James      MOAKE, Mary (Polly) Ann        02 Jun 1859 I
SWANN, John                CAMPBELL, Elizabeth            05 Dec 1859 J
SWANN, John Newton         MIFFLIN, Ida Merlin            23 Oct 1889 A
SWANN, Thomas W.           BURKHART, Harriet E.           28 Oct 1852 A
TANNER, William            BOHANAN, Mary Ann                 Abt 1845 BM
TAYLOR, Andrew P.          BROWN, Eliza A.                02 Jun 1877 AA
TAYLOR, Chester C.         HASTY, Ellen                   26 Jan 1882 AA
TAYLOR, James K.P.         MORGAN, Sarah J.V.             15 Jun 1876 AH
TAYLOR, James W.           RAY, Milly M.                  20 Jun 1856 AA
TAYLOR, John A.            ARNOLD, Charlotte              21 Jan 1886 AA
TAYLOR, Joseph             DAVIS, Manerva                 08 Aug 1869 J
TAYLOR, Lowell             MURRIE, Mamie Jewell           24 Mar 1924 S
TAYLOR, William            CRAIG, Jane                    09 Oct 1879 AA
THAXTON, James Richard     RAMSEY, Mary                   31 Dec 1846 M
THAXTON, John Wesley       BAKER, Arminta Saraphine       02 Nov 1871 M
THAXTON, William H.        COLLINS, Millie                09 Dec 1869 M
THEREOGMORTON, J.P.        BARNETT, Polly E.              17 Mar 1870 J
THOMAS, Stephen P.         CAMPBELL, Louisa M.            06 Feb 1870 J
THOMPSON, John Wesley      WEAVER, Nancy Anne             19 Oct 1877 I
THOMPSON, Samuel S.        MOSELY, Elizabeth H.           11 Mar 1858 J
THROGMORTON, William Pinckney BAKER, Elizabeth Catherine  24 Sep 1868 M
TIDEWELL, Middleton        PARKS, Mary S.                 06 Apr 1863 J
TIPPY, Braxton Lee         DUNN, Nancy                    26 Oct 1839 I
TIPPY, John                CRUSE, Martha N.               31 Dec 1882 P
TRAVELSTEAD, Albert M.     PARKS, Mary                    04 May 1865 J
TRAVELSTEAD, John          CORDER, Caroline               10 Jun 1854 J
TROUT, Joseph Marion       ARNOLD, Amanda Elizabeth       27 Aug 1857 AX
TRUE, Richard Turner       SMITH, Amanda Parthena         20 Jun 1883 AF
TUCKER, William            MCDONALD, Margaret             11 Jan 1858 BO
TUCKER, William            WHITLOW, Jane                  22 Oct 1863 BO
TURNER, James E.           PARKS, Rebecca                 11 Nov 1852 J
TURNER, James W.           PARKS, Susan                   11 Aug 1858 J
TYGETT, Thomas             BENNETT, Elizabeth             28 Dec 1854 J
ULREY, Charlie             SIZEMORE, Lola Alma            16 Oct 1915 P

UNDERWOOD, Daniel         BRADLEY, Elizabeth         15 Oct 1871  fra@uswest.net

VAUGHN, Nancy J.   SANDERS, Isaac Jasper  31 Jan 1867  jerry_h_collins@email.msn.com

VAUGHN, Nancy J.         SANDERS, Isaac Jasper    31 Jan1867   Jerry_L_Collins@email.man.com

VERNA, Esther           RANCHINO, Angelo            14 Jan 1928  angela_place@post.harvard.edu

VERNA, Julia Jones WILEY, Walter        29 Jun 1905   suelmc@itctel.com

WAGONER, Martha Alice     YANCEY, Elijah F.          02 Jan 1879  dyancey@miami.edu

WALKER, Cynthia A.  HINCHCLIFF, William  1879  jw3981@worldnet.att.net

WALKER, Mary M.L.  DAVIS, Heiskiah  3 Dec 1858   madhatters@erols.com

WALKER, Nancy  ROBERTS, John Burgess  29 Mar 1866  bibet@worldnet.att.net 

WALKER, Richard P.          DAVIS, Sarah M.           17 Aug 1833 madhatters@erols.com

WALKER, Seaborn A.                          SPILLER, Louisa                    18 Oct 1854 I

WALKER, Seaborn A.       SPILLER, Louisa            18 Oct 1854   Jerry_L_Collins@email.man.com

WALLACE, Allice           NORMAN, Anderson Gregory   30 Sep 1886  jmullins@leo.net
WALLER, Martin R.           CORDER, Nancy              5 APR 1853 madhatters@erols.com
WARD, Andrew J.
TAYLOR, Mary J. 02 Nov 1855 BS

WARD, Frances       HILL, Millienn   18 Aug 1866  madhatters@erols.com
WARD, Joannah            MENNES, Christopher Griffith 04 Oct1841 Jerry_L_Collins@email.man.com
WARD, John M.
O'NEAL, Mary (Mrs) 15 Apr 1853 BQ

WARDEN, Harried   SPILLER, William D.   28 Dec 1851   madhatters@erols.com
WARNER, Roy Edward  BURNS, Flora Ann  19 Aug 1914    SandeeTom@aol.com
WARNER, William Daniel   BOLES, Ellen  ? APR 1892    SandeeTom@aol.com
WARREN, Keatharine  HILL, George W.  16 Jan 1858  madhatters@erols.com
WATSON, David   HOWERTON, Ida Myrtle  1897  mikeh@vbe.com
WATSON, E. B.            SIZEMORE, Unity Cassandra 01 Sep 1867   Jerry_L_Collins@email.man.com
SIZEMORE, Unity Cassandra 01 Sep 1867 I

WATSON, Ella Melinda               CAGLE, Charlie                     06 Oct 1895  maotey@primary.net
WATSON, Elvis B.
SIZEMORE, Unity Cassendane 01 Sep 1867 P
WATSON, Isaac Reubin                        SMITH, Naomi                   28 Sep 1892 AQ

WATSON, Isaac Reubin   SMITH, Naomi            28 Sep 1892  maotey@primary.net
WATSON, James Amos    CAGLE, Cordelia    01 Jan 1899  maotey@primary.net
WATSON, Noah Ekerson SMITH, Eliza Viola 20 Aug 1903 AQ

WATSON, Noah Ekerson  SMITH, Eliza Viola 20 Aug 1903  maotey@primary.net
WATSON, Sarah B.        ODUM, James Kincher    30 May 1850  maotey@primary.net
WATSON, Susan Ann     NORRIS, Noah E.    02 Dec 1877  maotey@primary.net
WATSON, Thomas Jefferson  POWELL, Melinda A.   08 Jan 1852  maotey@primary.net

WATSON, William       COX, Nancy                1842  maotey@primary.net
WEAVER, Allen                 ROBERTS, Sarah Elisabeth   19 Nov 1868 madhatters@erols.com
WEAVER, James                 CASEY, Lisey               5 Aug 1852 madhatters@erols.com
WEAVER, Jessie                TURNER, Cyntha             22 Nov 1857 madhatters@erols.com
WEAVER, Joseph                TURNER, Sarah              27 Dec 1858 madhatters@erols.com
WEAVER, Nancy Anne  THOMPSON, John Wesley  19 Oct 1877  jerry_h_collins@email.msn.com

WEAVER, Samuel L. SMITH, Nancy Jane 24 Dec 1879 AF

WEAVER, Sarah                      CHADWELL, William B.      1 Dec 1868  madhatters@erols.com
WEAVER, Virginia      DAVIS, Thomas Oliver  02 Aug 1863  maotey@primary.net
WEBB, Enos                    DAVIS, Dicy              18 Feb 1869 madhatters@erols.com
WEBB, James STOVER, Nancy 06 Nov 1865 I

WEBB, James                   CORDER, Elizabeth           8 Nov 1855 madhatters@erols.com
WEBB, James                      STOVER, Nancy              06 Nov 1865             Jerry_L_Collins@email.man.com
WEHR, Elizabeth           OETH, Georg                27 Oct 1877  Jerry_H_Collins.emailmsn.com
WELTY, William B.         ALEXANDER, Hannah          14 Nov 1845  fra@uswest.net
WESTBROOK, Sarah          BRADLEY, Samuel Wilson Oliver 22 Mar 1870 creese@wf.net
WHITACRE, Harmon F.  DEMING, Mary A.      05 Jan 1844  CReising@JPS.net
WHITACRE, Nettie E.  CHAMNESS, Steven S.  18 Oct 1882  CReising@JPS.net
WHITE, Amanda Elizaeth    NORMAN, John Henry         26 Jan 1882  jmullins@leo.net
WHITE, Cornelia Belle     DOUGHERTY, George          02 Jan 1889  creese@wf.net
WHITE, Elizabeth          BORUM, James Davis         14 Feb 1845  creese@wf.net
WHITE, James Timothy FOWLER, Lyrenia Ann 30 Oct 1881 V

WHITE, Lavisa Jane        REESE, Franklin Pierce     22 May 1873  creese@wf.net

WHITE, Lucinda    KING, James  13 Mar 1857  bilbet@world.att.net

WHITE, Mary J.            FURLONG, Benjamin Franklin 17 Dec 1842  jfurlong@accipost.net

WHITE, Robert R.              DAVIS, Sarah J.            16 Jan 1868 madhatters@erols.com

WHITE, Samuel T.          BRADLEY, Nancy Clementine  25 Nov 1866  fra@uswest.net

WHITLOCK, Martha          NORMAN, Francis Marion     09 Jan 1845  jmullins@leo.net

WILEY, Helen Louise  PARSONS, Clarence  24 Dec 1926   suelmc@itctel.com

WILEY, James M.    McCLINTOCK, Mary      9 Mar 1879   suelmc@itctel.com

WILEY, Walter   JONES, Verna Julia  29 Jun 1905  suelmc@itctel.com

WILEY, Woodford J.                          SANDERS, Narcissa J.               04 Dec 1844 AR

WILKINS, Joseph Simpson  BARHAM, Mary A.          12 Apr 1860             Jerry_L_Collins@email.man.com

WILKINS, Thomas                             RUSHING, Mary E.          31 Mar 1872 C

WILLEFORD, Susan  DAVIS, William         8 Jan 1863   madhatters@erols.com

WILLIAMS, Amanda          EDWARDS, Elmus              2 Sep 1907  nabor@ix.netcom.com

WILLIAMS, Amanda         EDWARDS, Elmus (G.E.)    20 Sept 1907    nabor@ix.netcom.com

WILLIAMS, Benjamin Arthur  HUFFMAN, Minnie Stella Jul 1914 spectr@mindspring.com

WILLIAMS, Burton                            SMITH, Mary C.                     17 Dec 1884 AQ

WILLIAMS, Burton       SMITH, Mary C.          17 Dec 1884  maotey@primary.net

WILLIAMS, Columbus                          RECTOR, Leatha E.              10 Feb 1870 AQ
WILLIAMS, Columbus                          RECTOR, Letha E.               10 Feb 1870 AM

WILLIAMS, Columbus        RECTOR, Letha E.           10 Feb 1870  groovin@midwest.net

WILLIAMS, John F.                           ODLE, Missouri M.                  14 Oct 1875 BJ

WILLIAMS, Michael L.     BARHAM, Nannie Belle  07 Aug 1866       Jerry_L_Collins@email.man.com

WILLIAMS, Nancy Young  SMITH, Caleb Lafayette  08 Apr 1876  maotey@primary.net

WILLIAMS, Nancy        SMITH, Thomas R.        20 Nov 1856  maotey@primary.net

WILLIAMS, Nella B.        SIZEMORE, Leonard Alonzo   21 Sep 1901  dtlake@mail.tds.net

WILLIAMS, Oscar Martin                      PHILLIPS, Ethel Maggie         17 May 1891 T
WILLIAMS, Perry W.                          RAINS, Millie F.               07 Sep 1872 BT

WILLIAMS, Sarah C.    HARRIS, Orison     06 Aug 1873  maotey@primary.net

WILLIAMS, Winsey J.       SIZEMORE, William Bouden   18 Feb 1875  dtlake@mail.tds.net

WILLIAMS,Benjamin Arthur HUFFMAN,Minnie Stella  Jul 1914 spectr@mindspring.com

WILLIAMS,Maurice Eugene  JOBE, Ruth Elizabeth 30 Jun 1937 spectr@mindspring.com

WILSON, A. H.                 FURLONG, M                 1 Oct 1865 madhatters@erols.com

WILSON, Allan H.          FURLONG, Mary F.            1 Oct 1865  craigjudy@webtv.net

WILSON, James T.                            RUSHING, Eliza Jane                20 Dec 1869 C

WILSON, Sarah L.  PARKS, George         17 Jun 1869   madhatters@erols.com

WINGFIELD, Nancy Catherine YANCEY, Andrew            20 Aug 1882  dyancey@miami.edu

WINTERS, Nancy E.         CULP, Miles                13 May 1869  madhatters@erols.com 

WOLFENBARGER, John Melton, Sr.     SHOCKLEY, Myra                     12 Jun 1879 AB

WOODWARD, Elizabeth R.  AIKMAN, Thomas Alfred  06 Oct 1842  tiffex@netvalue.net

WOODWARD, John C.         ALEXANDER, Lucy Ann        30 Oct 1851  creese@wf.net

WORSHAM, Francis Newton  BARHAM, Antice           09 Sep 1883             Jerry_L_Collins@email.man.com

WRIGHT, G. S.   BEASLY, H.   29 Aug 1854   madhatters@erols.com

YANCEY, Adeline   COX, Gilbert Louis          15 Nov 1843  dyancey@miami.edu

YANCEY, Andrew    WINGFIELD, Nancy Catherine  20 Aug 1882  dyancey@miami.edu

YANCEY, Elijah F.     WAGONER, Martha Alice   02 Jan 1879  dyancey@miami.edu

YANCEY, Emeline   YANCEY, Thomas              30 Mar 1848  dyancey@miami.edu

YANCEY, Margaret         LIPSEY, Hezekiah Harvey  30 Mar1872              Jerry_L_Collins@email.man.com

YANCEY, Thomas            YANCEY, Emeline            30 Mar 1848  dyancey@miami.edu

YANCEY, Willis Allen  HELMS, Alice               Oct 1888  dyancey@miami.edu

YANCY, Margaret           LIPSEY, Hezekiah Harvey    30 Mar 1872  Jerry_L_Collins@emailmsn.com

YATES, Stella          SPILLER, Roy Martin     05 Apr 1913  maotey@primary.net

YOUNG, George W.                            SPILLER, Martha Ann                24 Sep 1871 I

YOUNG, George W.         SPILLER, Martha Ann        24 Sep 1871  Jerry_L_Collins@email.man.com

YOUNGER, ?   BURNS, Daniel     15 Dec 1844           SandeeTom@aol.com

YOUNGER, James   BURNS, Lucinda "Sis"  date unknown  SandeeTom@aol.com




1. Letter used above in list of marriages, followed by

2. email address and then name, if person wished to have name published here

A  jboone@nightowl.net                Judie Boone
B  debbie@pentecost.org               Debbie McNabb
C  angela_place@post.harvard.edu      Angela Place
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(Note:  Debbie has additional info for her marriages available on request.)
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